Planning a trip around the world can be a daunting task – especially when you have a disability.


For those of us with disabilities, finding the right information can be a huge barrier to planning the perfect holiday.  Information on accessible travel is scattered across countless websites, it can be incomplete, it may meet someone’s needs, but not your needs… there are countless barriers!


Why not get connected with fellow travelers with disabilities?

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The Accessible Travel Forum is a discussion area for people who are disabled as well as those involved in the accessible tourism industry.

It is more than just a bulletin board, it is a place for conversations.  You can share great information you found, or ask for help from a local resident or a fellow traveler who went before you, you can even find a shoulder to cry on if you had a bad experience.

We aim to be a community of travelers.

On the site you can make friends, customize your profile, participate in group discussions and forums, message people directly for private matters, and even create groups based on things you have in common.

Will you join us?