Integrated experience of traveling to Phu Quoc self-sufficient and cheap in 2019

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I will share to you the experience of traveling Phu Quoc to self-sufficiency 3 times traveling to Phu Quoc. They include instructions on how to move reasonably, information on motels, cheap hotels, beautiful places, delicious food with specific addresses, motorbike and car rental information … and even Phu Quoc tour information in the day Super Superior Day. Surely this will be a guide to experience Phu Quoc travel extremely valuable and necessary for you!

Phu Quoc, an island that left me attached, covered emotions … And perhaps, it must be said that I was lucky to have decided to come here.

This article shared about the experience of traveling to Phu Quoc in this detail written by the knowledge and experiences of myself over 3 times to this beautiful island! In 2019 alone, I went to Phu Quoc twice. Staying for so long that every day just thinking about going out, eating everything hurt all his head. And with my own opinion, this is the most worthy island today for those who want a vacation …

I thought that Phu Quoc was developed, very crowded, but the truth is that Phu Quoc is still very wild, not too crowded as I thought … Although coming back here after 2 years, everything has changed a lot, but above all Phu Quoc is still an extremely suitable place for a vacation. It also has luxury motels, hotels, resorts, resorts to meet every need of people, then fun and entertainment activities “just enough” for you to add a little “spice” to the trip. My vacation schedule … Of course, what we cannot forget, because Phu Quoc is an island 45 km from the mainland (from Ha Tien), so the sea water is clear and clean. Moreover, I love Phu Quoc because of human love here.

I believe the information shared about the experience of traveling to Phu Quoc is self-sufficient and super detailed below is extremely useful for you because they are written by their own understanding and experience 3 times to Phu. National. Therefore, you should consult carefully, if necessary, save the article, take a screenshot of the hotel information, rent a motorbike, a car, and a delicious dish. Save them so that when you need to lose your search, they are really worth it !!!

Before sharing with you where to go and your own experience of this pearl island, we learn a little about how to move to Phu Quoc, where and how to travel right in Phu Quoc. half.


The climate of Phu Quoc island is a monsoon tropical climate with two seasons being distinguished as the rainy and dry seasons:

+ The rainy season lasts from May to September. At this time, Phu Quoc rains a lot, sometimes one day it suddenly rains in one match, sometimes the whole week rains don’t stop. Last September, I was sticking for almost a week of rain. If you are not constrained by time, you should avoid going to Phu Quoc at this time. But this is true for the summer holidays of students and students, so there are not many options for the majority of families. So if you can arrange a time on this occasion, just go ahead, sir, because after all, you are unlucky. Of course, the probability of rain sticking is much higher than in the dry season.

+ Dry season lasts from October to April next year. At this time, Phu Quoc has little rain and sunshine, the sea is calm and clear, extremely suitable for traveling, exploring, taking photos and playing. This is also the season when the number of foreign visitors to Phu Quoc is extremely crowded, mainly from Russia and China, they come to avoid cold. The number of Vietnamese guests is also available but not as crowded as the summer months. Anyway, this is also the time to travel to Phu Quoc most of the year!


Moving to Phu Quoc is slightly different from normal tourist destinations, because Phu Quoc is an island, 45 km away from Ha Tien (mainland), so only traveling by plane is like other places (of course There are not many direct flights to Phu Quoc), while other means will have to go through many stages, including one for high-speed trains. I will analyze it further below so you can grasp how to move to Phu Quoc right below.

Move to Phu Quoc by Air

This type of transportation is most convenient because you only need to move one way, fly straight to Phu Quoc. Currently, domestic flights have direct flights to Phu Quoc from Hanoi, Hai Phong, Can Tho, Ho Chi Minh (Saigon). Most flights are still flying from Hanoi and Saigon (Ho Chi Minh).

– From Hanoi, Hai Phong to Phu Quoc cost about 1.2-1.5 million / ticket.

– From Can Tho, Ho Chi Minh City to Phu Quoc cost about 400k-800k / ticket.

– From Da Nang to Phu Quoc cost about 600k-1000k / ticket.

If you have never been to Saigon, want to explore more Saigon, then the plan to move in 2 ways to Saigon and then fly to Phu Quoc is also a reasonable plan.

Move to Phu Quoc by Road + Waterway

Road transportation by passenger car

Surely this is what you in the area of ​​Saigon and the West are very interested in if you want to move to Phu Quoc by road + waterway. I will give you some information about passenger cars from here, and other provinces, you can refer to online or in your local area.

NOTE: Currently, if you want to go to Phu Quoc by road, you should choose to move to one of the two ports which are RACH GIA or HA TIEN.

If you come from Hanoi or another city, you want to go by road, you should move to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). From here, you can go to the West bus station, choose a car to go to Rach Gia or Ha Tien

Transfer by train (ferry) to Phu Quoc island

Of course, if you fly, you will fly straight to the island. If you take a bus or ride a motorbike or a car, refer to the information below!

There are 2 ways to take a train (ferry) to Phu Quoc island, which is derived from Rach Gia port and Ha Tien port. Last time I took a motorbike and traveled by ferry from Ha Tien port, and this was an amazing experience. About 3 hours are floating on the sea, very much.hi.

At these two ports, in the past, there were 2 operators of train routes (ferries) to Phu Quoc island, namely Ngoc Thanh high-speed train and high-speed train (including ferry) Superdong. But recently (updated 6/2018), Ngoc Thanh party has stopped mining, so now there is only one option is to travel high-speed train (or ferry) Superdong. And with Superdong, you have 2 options: ferry or speedboat. Ferrying is cheaper but moving longer, about 3 hours compared to 1 hour and 20 minutes of a speedboat (originating from Ha Tien).

NOTE: All high-speed trains from Superdong coming from Rach Gia or Ha Tien all arrive at Bai Vong port (Phu Quoc), only ferries from Ha Tien go to Vinh Dam port (Phu Quoc). If you want to bring both motorbikes and cars, there is only one way to take a ferry from Ha Tien to Dam Nha Bay.


One thing that anyone who comes to Phu Quoc must accept when traveling to Phu Quoc is the price of motels, hotels, bungalows, and resorts in Phu Quoc is generally quite higher than the average level of the provinces. another city. With a price range of VND 350,000-VND 400,000, even in the peak season in Da Nang, you absolutely can earn a room for 2 people, in a hotel with a nice location near the sea (or center) is very good, But with Phu Quoc … I have been looking for, going to the rooms of many hotels and bungalows here, seeing that with a hotel of similar quality and location, the price must be VND 450,000-VND 500,000, even in low season. The hotel owners themselves have to admit it … for many reasons. So do not be surprised to see that the rental price in Phu Quoc is higher than other tourist cities you have ever been to.

But I can say that most of the time, most of us travel to Phu Quoc for 2-3 days, so you are comfortable with the hotel problem a little, anyway, it is the general price. If it is calculated, it is a little more different, it is not worth how much people go to share.

The most hotel area in Phu Quoc is now located on both sides of Tran Hung Dao Street, along Truong beach. This place is mostly bungalow and resort for a resort, the hotel also but not much, most of the hotel is 2-3 stars or more. On the main road of April 30 in Duong Dong town, more inns, motels, and hotels. Saying a lot but not much, this year I came to see some big hotels built, but 2 years ago I came, the number of 2-star hotels counted on the fingers. This is one of the reasons, the hotel room price in Phu Quoc is higher than in other provinces, in the peak season, the supply is not enough.

Other areas farther away from the center such as Ong Lang, Ham Ninh, An Thoi, Ganh Dau … are mostly bungalows or high-class resorts, mainly serving foreign guests, but Vietnamese guests are few in these areas.

The price of hotel rooms in Phu Quoc is at the highest level during 3 summer months (June-August, mostly Vietnamese tourists), 4 months in winter (November-February, mainly foreign guests). The remaining months are the time of the season, so the room price is slightly lower.

I used to live as well as come to see the hotel rooms in Phu Quoc, so I hope the information below will be useful for you. They are high-class motels, homestays, hotels, bungalows or resorts that I feel like, in accordance with my current standards and worth the most.

NOTE 1: You should call the hotel hotline directly to ask for the most accurate price at the time you book as well as 24/7 support, to be able to choose and ask the hotel to keep Give you the best room, but they don’t like any room.

NOTE 2: You should call and reserve at least 15 days (even the whole month) so you can choose the best room! Especially in the summer, the number of tourists is extremely crowded, whether you go 2 people or follow a large group, it is best to book a month, even 2-3 months in order to have room as well as to choose the best room.


To help you easily visualize and capture and easily move the schedule, I divide Phu Quoc into 5 areas: Central area, Vinpearl area, Ham Ninh area, An Thoi area, Thom beach.

Duong Dong town

+ Dinh Cau

Dinh Cau is a symbol of Phu Quoc. Although not impressive about architecture, Dinh Cau is located in a beautiful position, facing the sea. Afternoon coming here watching the sunset is a great cat, it’s extremely beautiful !!!

Spiritually, people go to the village every morning to burn incense to pray for peace and have a real trip. I also heard stories about sacredness here. Very interesting!

+ Bai Truong

True to its name, this is the longest beach, ‘the most crowded’ in Phu Quoc.hi. It is up to 20km long, running from Dinh Cau cape to Tau Ru Cuu, but currently, only the section along Tran Hung Dao road (about 5km from Dinh Cau nose to the south) is crowded with many motels, hotels, resorts. Currently there are relatively many projects being planned, hopefully, in the near future, Truong Beach will become more proud of Phu Quoc people. Please come here, take the time to go along this ‘super long’ beach of Phu Quoc!

+ Phu Quoc Night Market

This is a very important highlight of Phu Quoc. You can enjoy Phu Quoc seafood, Phu Quoc dishes, and the most impressive thing is where you can buy a lot of beautiful, interesting and strange souvenirs.

+ Museum of Origin

A place you should go to if you want to learn, better understand the history of Phu Quoc. With 2,645 artifacts (pottery, stone, porcelain, copper, fossil wood), it was assessed by UNESCO center to preserve Vietnamese antiquities dating from the 15th century to the early Nguyen dynasty to the early twentieth century (minutes attached appraisal), 540 artifacts (furniture and artworks made from driftwood; traditional local tools: making fish sauce, pepper growing, fishing and fishing; operating rural families through periods, fish bones, sea cows, wild boar, deer, wild boar fangs, early 20th century singing machine, 300 document folders on Phu Quoc, over 100 artworks folk art, abstract, modern. Collections have been collected in humanity and exhibited and introduced to the public at home and abroad over the past 10 years at the Origin Foundation’s showroom.

You can refer to more information about this location according to the website I listed below.

Ticket price: 20.000 VND / person.

Address: 149 Tran Hung Dao, Quarter 7, Duong Dong Town, Phu Quoc District, Kien Giang Province.

Ham Ninh area

+ Ham Ninh Fishing Village

This is one of the most beautiful and rewarding fishing villages in Phu Quoc. There are 2 interesting points about this place mentioned by many people, which is a long road running straight to the sea and crab dishes.hi. You will be delighted to take beautiful photos on the way to the sea and do not forget to visit a boathouse, watch the sea and enjoy the delicious boiled crab here.

+ Ho Quoc Phu Quoc Pagoda (Thien Phu Truc Zen Monastery)

A place is very similar to Son Tra Peninsula Da Nang on the way (lower), to the temple, the sea view … Even the views I see here are even more beautiful than Son Tra.

+ KDL rock paintings stream

One of the locations brings a strange feeling, when relaxed, immersed in the light, charming scenery of mountains and forests, springs in Phu Quoc. Here you can bathe in streams, fish and camp, immerse yourself in nature. However, you should come in the rainy months, avoid coming in February to May because there is no water!

+ Pepper garden

+ Wine production establishments sim

A Thoi area (South of Phu Quoc Island)

+ Sao Phu Quoc Beach

A beach makes me extremely surprised, changing a lot of my thoughts about the land here. A beautiful beach must say is gorgeous! Beautiful about the feeling of peace, relaxation, to the fine white sand with clear water … by the romance of the swing, coconut groves … by both the virtual stone checkpoints.hi. Come here, no, it’s definitely not allowed to ignore this place !!!

+ Khem beach

Currently, there is Sun Premier Village project, Khem Resort beach, so the current and later moving to Khem beach is no longer easy. I do not appreciate this beach, not because the memory is extremely hard to go to the beach, but because really, it does not leave me much impression.

+ Phu Quoc prison (Nha Lao Cay Dua)

Where used to hold more than 32,000 prisoners (40,000 prisoners if including political prisoners of many periods). People still talk about this place that ‘living without death’, brutal torture, yet our soldiers are still resilient to stand before the enemy. National self-respect, love of the country, love of people who have sacrificed themselves because the Fatherland will be shown when you come here.

+ Hon Thom cable car

This will be a 3-wire technology cable car line with a length of 7,899.99m, the longest in the world today. Hon Thom will have a marina, a seaplane service to take tourists on a tour around Phu Quoc Island. A tourist and service complex such as Sea Village, Food Village, Resort, accompanied by a combination of island theme parks with adventure games, sea sports such as climbing, cliff climbing, conquest The mountain ramps to explore nature, sailing on the sea, diving to watch corals … will create new charismatic features for anyone who set foot on Phu Quoc pearl island.

The latest information is that the cable car system from the mainland to Hon Thom Island has been put into operation. But now there are not too many things to see and visit because of the completion of phase 1.hi. Anyway, it’s a new experience to try when coming to Phu Quoc.

+ The beautiful islands

You must have heard of Hon Mong, Hon May Thu, Hon Ngang Hon (or Ga Gii) … hi. They are beautiful islands in An Thoi port area.hi. In addition to the wild beauty, clear water is on these islands, especially in Dam Ngang and May Thu islands with an extremely beautiful coral population. So when you come out here, you remember to participate in coral diving activities.

Want to visit the 3 beautiful islands I mentioned above, you move to An Thoi port (dry season) or Bai Sao port (rainy season), then you can choose the ship or cano out there. To make sure there is a train or a cano, you should contact us in advance. As for the island, it is best to choose a tour.

Vinpearl area (North Island Phu Quoc)

+ Ong Lang beach

This is a beach about 10km away from Duong Dong town center, many people love it … but I personally am not impressed even though I have been here twice. Perhaps, the beauty of this beach is that it is clean (dry season) and not too crowded like the beach at the beach, so they like to bathe here. Well, it’s nice to watch the sunset here.

+ Vinpearl Land and Vinpearl Safari

Needless to say, this is a great place for every visitor to Phu Quoc, you will be delighted to play unlimited all games from indoor to outdoor, from adventure to gentle letter relaxing, eating and shopping. In addition, you can see the musical performances, see more than 9,000 rare and precious fish such as albino fish, yellow mountain turtles, light lizards, sharks, rays … at a large-scale aquarium system The most modern in Vietnam today. Moreover, you should not miss watching Gentoo penguins with a speed of up to 36km / h, considered the fastest in the penguin world. And the performances of the mermaids too …

Moreover, the opposite side of Vinpearl Land is Vinpearl Safari, the first and only open zoo in Vietnam built under the world Safari model. Vinpearl Safari gathers about 3,000 individuals, representing 150 rare and precious animal species from all over the world. This will definitely be an extremely interesting experience for you and your family.

+ Phu Quoc Long Beach

Bai Dai is also considered a very beautiful beach in Phu Quoc, was voted as one of the 13 most pristine beaches in the world. However, the construction of resorts and amusement parks along the beach, making the movement and bathing here limited somewhat. But undeniably, the construction of resorts, amusement parks have created another beauty, a more modern and luxurious beauty …

+ Ganh Dau Cape

Located at the northern end, passing through Vinpearl Land, Ganh Dau nose is isolated from the busy bustling place of Phu Quoc. It is true that the feeling of peace and slowness covers its entire journey to Ganh Dau. Space for us to live slower, to discover the most gentle things about the life of this pearl island people. An interesting point is that from here you can see that Cambodia, you only see the sea and the mountain.

+ Nguyen Trung Truc Temple

Nguyen Trung Truc is a famous general, victorious with Kien Giang land, he was arrested in Phu Quoc, then executed in Rach Gia … Perhaps because of that, the people of Phu Quoc set up a temple to worship him. , and every day they still come here to pray, pray for peace, successful business. There is a point that makes me very impressed, although this is the oldest temple in Kien Giang, it always looks very new, the architecture is also preserved. If you are a person who loves history or has a bit of spirituality, you should visit this temple.

+ Pepper garden

In fact, there are many places in Phu Quoc where pepper is grown, such as Ganh Gio hamlet, Suoi Da hamlet, Suoi May hamlet and especially Khu Tuong. Going to the pepper garden, learning techniques of planting and caring, taking photos and buying a little pepper as a gift are extremely interesting experiences for you.

Bai Thom area

+ Bai Thom

Located at the foot of Ong Dien mountain from the center of Bai Thom commune to Sar Coc – Hon Mot, about 35km from Duong Dong, is separated from the noisy and bustling space of Phu Quoc center. This is a narrow sandy beach with shallow sea water and a lot of reefs, so they mainly come to watch and take a selfie but few come to bathe.

Delicious, specialty and seafood dishes in PHU QUOC

In fact, I did not pay much attention to the real warmth in Phu Quoc, but I also found it lucky to go with a friend, all day thinking about ‘eating’ so I know quite well about the food here. hi.

Delicious dishes, specialties in Phu Quoc

+ Phu Quoc Bun Bun: This is a super strange dish, at least for me. There are documents that suggest that the ‘trumpet’ in Khmer is used to refer to dishes using coconut milk. Unlike the noodle soup in some western provinces cooked from snakehead fish, Phu Quoc noodle soup is made from cured fish or sturgeon, many kinds of sea fish are abundant in the island.

+ Herring salad: This is a dish I do not have (eat a few pieces that day soaked in stomach ache, make my own stay in Nhu Ngoc), but everyone who eat and see well, compliment and praise so do not pay attention to my feelings.hi. If you eat fish salad, then you will love this very much.

+ Crab: The best crab is still in Ham Ninh. You can combine to go to Ham Ninh and enjoy this dish. Also, the night market is a place where you can choose if you are lazy to go away. I will share details about eating seafood below.

+ Fidgeting Construction: Seriously and seriously, I don’t see anything special about this dish, except the feeling of hot mouth.hi. I just ate and thought about the vermicelli dish growing outside Hanoi, instead of the meat being round, then here it is laminated, instead of always putting it in the bowl with noodles (vermicelli), here it is put in the bowl of mixed sauce, according to a relatively sophisticated formula.hi. Of course, it is my own feeling, you have to try it and ask me for a review!

The shop currently has 3 locations, only for afternoon and evening, it must be: Alley opposite number 222 Tran Phu, Bach Dang park (quarter 2) and one at street 30/4.

+ Soup of Mrs. Phung: Soup cake is not my favorite, so I don’t dare to share anything about this dish but many of you compliment it very well, if you like soup cake, please try it! The shop is located close to Kien Kho Bun Quat shop on Bach Dang street.

+ Grilled Duck Family: Know what to say about this dish now. hi. After not knowing what to eat, I went to duck and it was too surprising about this grilled duck shop. The meat is soft and unbelievable, the feeling of eating is extremely fresh, not as dry as many other duck roast shops I’ve ever eaten. Duck cooking dish is also very strange to me.hi. The only regret is that there were two children who called very well that day, were overflowed, felt sorry and had errors.

+ Duong Duong goat hotpot: This is my shop that you can share when enjoying here. She is very gourmet but compliments the switch.hi. If you like to eat hot pot, eat seafood badly or don’t know what to eat, then you can choose it.

Address: Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street

+ Pizza Regina: I brought this dish, this place here because I saw the ‘kindness’ of the owner. The story is my friend even though he is not rich, but he has raised small children wandering outside Phu Quoc to study well. Moreover, this shop is also highly appreciated by bloggers Dinh Hang on the thorough care of each piece of cake. Address of the shop at 28 Bach Dang


With the characteristic of being a sea tourist destination, staying outside the island, the experience should be tried in Phu Quoc with the ‘sea flavor’ already. But most of all, Phu Quoc has in itself ‘interesting things’ that not all provinces have. Here are the experiences you should try when traveling to Phu Quoc:

+ Night squid fishing

+ Dive coral

+ Watch the sunset

+ Visiting the traditional tourist sites

+ Visit Phu Quoc Prison House


Phu Quoc tourism is still and will continue to grow strongly, becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, so do not hesitate to choose Phu Quoc as your next destination. ! Certainly, there are many interesting things that I myself have not known, yet experienced in this beautiful pearl island … And of course, in the next time, I will continue to Phu Quoc, continue to explore This island, will continue to update to the article, help you gain more knowledge and experience, prepare for your upcoming self-sufficiency tours!

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