Following Users and Adding Friends

One of the focuses of Accessible Travel Forum is to build a community of travelers with disabilities.  That is why our website doesn’t just have forums and information, but also groups and social networking features.

These features include the ability to follow users and add friends.

What is the difference between following someone and becoming friends?

Following is one-way and allows people to filter to see what users they are following are up to.

Friendship is a two-way relationship that allows users to access extra interactions like private messages.

Following a user

 To follow a user, click on their name to visit their Profile page then click “Follow”.

The user will be notified that you have followed them and may choose to follow you as well.

In the activity feed on the Home page, you can click “Following” to filter activity to only show users you are following.

Adding Friends

Adding friends is very similar.  Go to a user’s profile page and click the “…” button and then “Add Friend”.

The user will be notified you are requesting friendship.  The user can then choose to accept or reject the friendship request.  You will not be friends until the user accepts.

Accepting Friendship Requests

If someone has requested your friendship, go to your Friends page and choose “Requests”.  You can then accept or reject the friendship request.


Filtering Activity

As with users you are following, you can filter activity to see only your friends’ activity.

Send Invitations to Groups

Users also have the ability to invite their friends to join groups.  From the group, choose “Send Invites”. Check off the friends you want to invite and press “Send Invitations” at the bottom of the page.

Your friend will be notified you want them to join the group.

Send Private Messages

Friends also have the ability to send private messages to each other. To send a message to your friend, go to their profile page and click “…”, then “Private Message”.

You can then send a compose using the message system.

(You can also go to Messages in your Profile, choose to compose a message and enter your friend’s username.)

Note: Messages can only be sent between users who are friends.

Cancelling Friendship

If you want to cancel a friendship, you can do so at any time by going to the user’s profile and clicking “…” then “Cancel Friendship”.

You can also go to your Friends page in your profile and choose “Cancel Friendship” next to the user’s name.

Users will not be notified that the friendship was cancelled.

~ ~ ~

We hope that you will enjoy using these features and make new friends to share your journeys with! If you have any questions, leave a comment below or add us as a friend (ATF Admin Profile) and send a private message!

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