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    Actually, Simply Emma (famous blogger) just mentioned this in her blog post!

    She suggested a self-inflating camping mat.

    You can read her article here as well: https://www.simplyemma.co.uk/5-things-i-do-differently-living-with-muscular-dystrophy/

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    Thanks for the advice.

    The travel mattress seems like a good idea. However travelling with a wheelchair and related equipment as already difficult, does anyone know if it will be easy to buy one once over there?  Our first stop is Akihabara for 5 days I think. Still trying to arrange accommodation.


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    Just looking on Yodobashi Camera’s website and they have airmats listed.  https://www.yodobashi.com/category/152022/152200/152335/152341/ (Sorry, in Japanese!)

    The Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara is one of the biggest, so I imagine they will have them in the store.

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    I recently stayed at the Hilton Shinjuku and for me the mattress was great and the pillows were beautiful and soft

    They also offered me a fully universal room but I don’t know how many they have.  I loved the attention to detail though. A fully disabled toilet in the lobby and the shuttle bus to Shinjuku Station was great. They lifted my wheelchair however there’s a step to get up which I managed ok

    I thought the bed was a good height but I don’t know how high though. I’m 5ft 7.5

    I shouted myself this hotel, it certainly won’t be a regular thing

    I have stayed at the Prince hotel in Shinagawa and the mattress was a lot harder than the Hilton

    I have also stayed in a business hotel in Nihonbashi, that was my first trip and in a single bed eww. I couldn’t do that again.  If you can, try for a 4 star

    My son makes it easier for me by wheeling me around and doing the talking

    Yes, they need buses with completely drop down floors especially the buses to Narita

    I definitely would have got on the bus if this was the case, I discovered the same at the Prince Hotel, I don’t know about shuttle buses

    Sorry off topic….


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