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    Parul Ghosh
    @Parul Ghosh

    Hi everyone!

    Would be happy to answer questions related to accessible travel in India. Accessible Tourism is now coming in conversations and a few private players are investing time and resources in ensuring accessibility for persons with disabilities vis-a-vis tourism.

    Best wishes,




    That is great to hear!  Would love to visit India one day.

    Are there any resources you could suggest?

    I love accessible travel so much I started this website and Accessible Japan!
    Power wheelchair user.



    how can we contact ?



    Dear Josh and @accessiblehimalayas,

    I have recently joined this forum and came across this topic and your replies! Please read on and get in touch with me to make your future plans to travel with us at Enable Travel!




    A warm hello to all the members from Mumbai, India! I love traveling in my power chair and am really looking forward to interacting with you all!

    I am associated with India’s Premier Accessible Holiday Specialist – Enable Travel, which is powered by Cox & Kings. Thanks to the service we provide, India is now accessible when you travel with us!

    We launched in 2016, after a couple of years of extensive research and now have WAV’s, hiking chairs, amphibian chairs, sign language interpreters, assistance for the visually impaired as well as assistance for the senior citizens.

    Here are some of our videos, with subtitles, hope you enjoy them!

    Some of us experts are in this video 🙂

    Mr Haughey is a wheelchair user and his wife visited Jaipur with the assistance of Enable Travel, and loved it!

    Some seniors travel to the mountains of Coorg in Karnataka! I had to share this video!

    And this one of Shilpa’s trip to her dream destination – the Taj Mahal in Agra, which brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it….

    Have a great weekend folks!

    Shama 🙂

    Community adviser, Organisational Liaison and PR

    For Enable Travel



    That is so great!  Thanks for the info!

    I love accessible travel so much I started this website and Accessible Japan!
    Power wheelchair user.



    Related to India, good to hear the message. Thanks

    I love travel across the world, I have visited so many places and I had great experience in my life and I want to share my experiences with the people who are interested in travelling.


    Tony John

    Dear Accessible users,

    I feel awesome to see that all of you were seriously discussing the accessibility of the disabled people to enable them and to inspire their wanderlust.

    I also think a lot about it and find that the wheelchair users also need some help and tips at airports to make their journey hassle free.

    I crafted a blog by researching how to make them easily accessible at the airports.

    Please do read this and convey your opinions.



    Tirthankar Bose
    @Tirthankar Bose

    Lovely to see this thread 🙂


    Anonymous @

    Kerala is one of the most beautiful places worth visiting in India.
    In Kerala Package you can explore Land of Ayurveda Backwaters, unique culinary experiences, Festivals like Thrissur Pooram and Backwater Boat Races and Descent Hill Stations.

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