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    Hello everybody. I would like to share with you a lovely post that Charlotte from Roll in Asia has written for Accessitrip. In that post, you will discover Sri Lanka for wheelchair users and slow walkers. I hope you find it interesting 🙂

  • I recently published this Accessible Guide to Tromso, Norway on my blog, Travel Breathe Repeat. Hope it’s helpful! ‪

  • As a registered UNESCO site, there is no denying the importance and historical significance of Nikko Toshogu Shrine. However, those who do plan to make the trip should be aware of the distance and lack of accessibility (particularly for wheelchair users) before embarking. Of the total area, a bit less than half of the shrine is wheelchair…[Read more]

  • Hi folks, here is my last post about my day trip with my family to Strasbourg. I hope you enjoy it 🙂


  • A new post about Miyajima Island’s wheelchair accessibility

    Miyajima Island in a wheelchair | Accessibility Review

  • Exploring Accessible Touring in Kyoto – Kyo Tours Japan and Accessible Japan team up and discover disabled travelers can experience Kyoto like anyone else with a bit of work and planning.

  • Check out the Impact Vacation newsletter for some interesting travel new updates. Featuring an article about assistance animals on airlines.

  • New blog post!!! I would like to thank you to Charlotte from Roll In Asia for writing this amazing post about the Top 5 #accessible things to do in Hoi An (Vietnam). Enjoy it!!! 😉

    Top 5 Accessible Things To Do In Hoi An (Vietnam)

  • A wheelchair user’s guide to the Sakurajima Volcano in Kagoshima City.

    Sakurajima Ferry & Sakurajima Volcano in a wheelchair

  • Sanjusangendo is impressive not only as a cultural heritage site, but also as an example of how some simple adaptations can make tourist attractions accessible to all visitors. This site is a must visit.

  • Visiting Kawagoe makes for a great day trip from Tokyo where you can enjoy a glimpse of the Edo Period. Many of the attractions in the area are wheelchair accessible.

    See if you can find the Starbucks!

  • New here but impressed, hoping to help spread the word about the ATF which does sound a bit like a para military force and not a group of people helping each other unravel the mysteries of accessible travel and tourism. Still, here’s my basic attempts at blogging and I’ve picked out the summary blog of four separate stories of a wonderful trip to…[Read more]

    • Thanks!
      Hahaha, maybe we should change the name to “Accessible Travel Force” 🙂

      • I’m an ex senior civil servant so acronyms were tools of my trade. I had 1200 people in my command until (very !!) early retirement a few years ago and at times it was like we were speaking another language. I think the site is probably better accessed direct from the web as somehow when I use the link in my email client it’s kess easy to nav…[Read more]

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