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Getting Started: The Basics

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    Hello, Welcome to the Accessible Travel Forum!
    There are so many different sites out there and often the interfaces are quite different.  So, we just wanted to give you some basics on how to get started on the Accessible Travel Forum.

    The Side Menu

    The Side Menu is the bar of options on the left side of the screen.  It can be displayed in full or compacted view by clicking the icon with the three horizontal bars ( ) at the top of the screen next to the Accessible Travel Forum logo. Go on, try it, its kinda fun!

    The side menu includes:

    ATF Feed This is a big feed of everything going on throughout the site. See what people are talking about, what questions are being asked in the forums, etc.

    Read more here: ATF Feed

    Introductions This is where you can introduce yourself to other members, or welcome new members.

    Read more here: Introductions

    My Wall This is like your Facebook Wall where you can post what is on your mind and others can post to you.

    Read more here: My Wall

    My Friends Quickly find who you are friends with and contact them.

    Read more here: My Friends

    Groups A list of the groups on the site. You can join groups or start your own! They flow like a chat and good for little discussions or sharing pictures and links.

    Read more here: Groups

    Forums This is where you can ask questions or share advice with everyone on specific topics.

    Read more here: Forums

    Profile Change your profile image, display name, add your social links, etc

    Read more here: Profile

    Settings Change your password, email address and your email settings

    Read more here: Settings

    Getting Started You’re here now!
    Log Out … don’t do that! (^_^)

    The Top Menu

    The top menu has three different parts.

    Forums This a quick way to access the forums.  General Discussion is about the basics of accessible travel as well as discuss flying and cruising. There is also a link to the “Well that wasn’t fun…” forum where you can let off some steam and warn others about bad experiences.  Destinations links to forums for different regions of the world so you can dig into specifics.
    Search Clicking on the magnifying glass turns the top area into a big search box.  You can search for forum topics, groups, and users from here.
    Profile The dark blue area in the top-right is another way to reach profile functions like messages and alerts. Moving your mouse over your profile picture brings down links to every aspect of your profile.

    Forums vs Groups

    So, what is the difference between a forum and a group?

    Groups are like chats in social media.  They are a great way for people to join with others and discuss certain topics that are lighter on information.  For example you could have a group for “Pictures of Accessibility Around the World” or “Travelling Now!” As new posts are added, older ones are pushed down out of site – so groups are best for occasionally checking out.

    Forums are more structured and each item added becomes a permanent discussion.  They are easily searched and are great for researching future trips or sharing information with future travelers. For example in the “Europe” forum you could make a post asking “Can I use a scooter in Venice?” and people can answer that specific question.  The forums are also open to search on the internet, so information you add will help people searching for help as well as the community.

    Basically, groups are for lighthearted chat that you can enter and exit when you like without worrying about missing too much, forums are places to ask specific questions.

    Getting Tech Help

    We are always here to help!  If you need help using the system, please post a message in the Tech Help group and we’ll get in touch!

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