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  • I am not sure if Eagle Hoist is a brand or the name of the style of hoist.  Essentially it is a skinny hoist  where the person is in a sling with 2 supports, 1 in front and 1 behind.  The hoist stays in the aisle and lifts the person to the side.  Here is some pictures of one in action on a website I fou…[Read more]

  • Hi, Did you hire the scooter in France? Had your mother used one previously. I will be taking my mother in 2020 for her 80th birthday, she normally uses a walker, but perhaps hiring a scooter would be useful especially with jetlag and general fatigue.

  • One major thing that may need to be addressed prior to the Games is the lack of Eagle Hoist to assist passengers out of plane seats and into aisle wheelchair at Narita Airport.  The manual lifting was quite a shock, and far from ideal. The staff were obviously very professional and there was no incident.  however it would be better to minimise m…[Read more]

  • Hi

    This organisation provides surfing oppurtunites for all people and all abilities.   They operate along the East Coast of Australia, and a few other locations. Bear in mind that the ones in Victoria are all at least 1 hour from Melbourne, so you may want to determine your best option for getting to those locations.


  • I agree with an earlier commentor, people seemed ready to help all the time. We were amazed.  However the whole time we kept saying how are they going to do 2020.  Everyday we saw something that would make us ask that question.

    We didn’t notice issues with being stuck in a line up for the elevator, however we tried to time our trips to steer c…[Read more]

  • Hi

    One thing that we found when we were in Japan that Power Points/Wall Sockets were often just 2 holes as opposed to 3 that we see in Australia.  The travel adapters that we  had purchased in Australia, really the only ones I saw at all,   were designed for 3 holes Power Points / Wall Sockets with an Earth Pin.  Luckily we were able to bor…[Read more]

  • Hi

    We recently stayed at this hotel and found the service to be fantastic.

    One thing for people travelling with a hoist or Personal lift to bear in mind was that the bathroom had a 1 inch /2.54 CM lip.  To exit with a hoist you need to push the hoist over that – it is not completely flat.   If you had the abiliity to take one of those rubber p…[Read more]

  • No, I don’t speak Japanese. The staff at did all the leg work. The charge about $50 USD as a service fee, but the service was fantastic.

  • How to purchased Barrier Free/ Accessible tickets to  Meiji Jingu Stadium –  Source :

    Starting from the 5th of the month before the game you want to attend, call the Meiji Jingu Stadium Wheelchair Reservation number:




    Yes, you will need to speak Japanese.


    The information you need to tell them is:

    ·  Date and…[Read more]

  • Hi

    Thanks for the reply it is great to hear that there is people out there offering this serice. I have just finished purchaing tickets with another vendor.

    I told them all about your site, becuase I wanted to put their link in this post.  They were very happy to hear about your site. I wasn’t sure I had made myself clear in my intent, because…[Read more]

  • Thanks for that information

  • Hi, I am investigating the accessibility of going to a baseball game in September in Tokyo. This would preferably be at the Tokyo Dome for reduced travel distance and being enclosed in case the weather is a bit cool. Is there facilities for some in a fully motorised chair who requires a companion? Also if the answer is yes – what is the best way…[Read more]

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